Our vision & Mission

To bring well-being to women all over the world.


Through perfect fits, high quality, sustainability and fashion we aim to provide women with clothing that have the potential of becoming wardrobe favourites. Therefore, we create clothing to make women look and feel their best.

Part of a "new normal" in the fashion industry


Sustainability has been the starting point of everything we do since 2007.


We will be part of the creation of a “new normal” in the fashion industry where collections evolve from responsibility to Earth and people.


Finally, we want to make our customers, partners and employees proud to be a part of COZE 


Our story

Founded in 1987, COZE AARHUS is built on a foundation of contemporary design, an excellent fit and propriety. Sustainable growth and responsibility continue to be the basic conditions of our further journey towards a more responsible fashion industy.

With more than 30 years in the fashion industry, we have learned that there are always ways to do better.

We believe that a heavy focus on sustainability should go hand in hand with fashion production, and we are constantly improving the way we make products, work with suppliers and educate our staff

At COZE AARHUS, we make decisions with an equal emphasis on people, the environment and the economy. And every decision has got to feel right. That is corporate responsibility to us.

Everything that we produce has an environmental and social impact, and we still have a long journey ahead of us. While we recognize that a piece of our clothing cannot change the world, we believe that it’s a good place to start.

Our portfolio currently consists of the brand LAURIE that offers women’s clothing with a particular focus on trousers.


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The style that characterized the brand in the 1980’s originated in the world of denim as it does today. The philosophy behind the brand is to create simple and timeless items for women of all ages. Women who appreciate an exceptional and unmatched quality.

"Creating timeless wardrobe favourites with a great fit and in high quality is one way to ensure more responsible consumption"
Marlene ihler
Head of design LAURIE

Our values


We are transparent and know that transparency in the value chain provides insight and motivates us to act more sustainably.

We are loyal, honest and respectful.

We are thorough and make thoughtful decisions with an equal emphasis on economy, the environment and social conditions.

We consider change as a constant.

We provide excellent service with a focus on convenience and kindness.

"While our consumers have a choice, we do feel we have an obligation. Therefore sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. "
Lena Trend

Our fashion footprint

LAURIE was the first company in Scandinavia to achieve an OEKO-TEX standard 100 certification within women’s fashion. We achieved this certification with the primary aim to ensure that no harmful substances are used in our garments.

Furthermore, we have expanded our Nordic Ecolabel assortment with the EU flower certification, as well as EIM scores to measure the use of water, energy and chemicals in most of our industrially washed garments.

We have defined our own overall policies, and we are continously educating our salespeople and customers on sustainable methods and decisions.

About our

Sustainable Development Goals

Everything that we produce has an environmental and social impact, and we still have a long journey ahead of us. While we appreciate that a piece of our clothing cannot change the world, we believe that it’s a good place to start.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that alle people enjoy peace and prosperity. At COZE AARHUS, we are committed to help achieve goal 8 and 12. Read more

Company policies


At the beginning of the fiscal year, we made a new 3-year, more holistic ESG strategy, including Governance in various areas. This strategy was informed by insights from an OECD Guidelines full risk assessment conducted in Autumn 2022 and, for the first time, included measuring CO2 emissions. We included more employees to do the findings, to ensure that we are all on the same pace.


In other words, we established our new foundation, we set our targets, and we measured our first-year progress in the new strategy


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It's got to feel right