It's got to feel right

Is our mantra

We base everything we do on the mantra: It’s got to feel right.

When it comes to the choice of materials, manufacturing facilities, and business partners. When it comes to design and donations; and when it comes to our flat organisational structure where we trust each other’s judgement. We believe in each other, and we believe in our products. As a company and brand, we are also committed to inspire to conscious and responsible consumption.

People, planet & profit

For the same reason, we work with a triple bottom line with an integrated focus on People, Planet & profit. We never focus solely on selling as many items as possible. Instead, we focus on selling high-quality items. We will inspire to buy less but better.


At COZE AARHUS, we make decisions with an equal emphasis on people, the environment and the economy. And every decision has got to feel right.

That is corporate social responsibility to us. 

Our certifications

Third party

Certifications are frameworks for the requirements we have for the products we offer our customers. They are a language that everyone understands and that ensures that our styles are tested by impartial experts. Our certifications are renewed at least once a year, which also ensures that we are constantly following the latest developments. Essentially, it all comes down to the safety of our consumers and the environment – and our responsibility as brand owners.

Designed in Denmark

Made in Europe

Our partners

Long-term relations

We consider most of our manufacturing product suppliers as long-term partners. Our DE599/DE600 trousers are produced at a supplier we have been working with since 2006.

The benefits of long-term relationships are invaluable, as it allows us to develop together in the same direction. Mutual to all our suppliers is that we have a code of conduct that has to be signed, and our suppliers must confirm to live up to local law and international labor standards. On top of this, they are audited according to amfori BSCI by a 3rd party to continuously improve social performance in their production.