Fading into the future

July 21, 2023

On fading denim without fading people and planet

If you’re a bit like the rest of us, your wardrobe probably contains at least one pair of blue jeans. They might have a beautiful ocean blue colour or they might look almost sand white with some of the original indigo dye faded away (naturally or intentionally). Or maybe they are somewhere in between, resembling a vintage vibe or a raw and rocky look. 

Ever since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis gave birth to the blue jeans in 1873, hard-wearing denim pants have found their way into closets of ballerinas, white-collar workers, lawyers, teachers, actors, CEOs, designers – the list just goes on and on. And when it comes to personal preferences, well, the list is even longer.


Achieving that faded look straight away

Back in the day, only workwear was made from denim. Maybe these humble roots can help to explain why denimheads of today prefer their blue jeans a bit well-worn. In 2023, instead of buying a pair of jeans and having to use them for years before achieving the desired look, you can just go and buy a pair with the right faded look straight away.

Imagine a car manufacturer beating up a completely new car before shipping it off for the market because of a special kind of demand. Quite hard to imagine, right? Paradoxically, when it comes to blue jeans there is a demand for completely new trousers that has been distressed at the hand of the manufacturer.

At COZE AARHUS we know that personal style comes in all kinds of conceivable ways – and with our wide range of trousers we wish to contribute to all kinds of personal styling. Most of our blue jeans have a quite classical vibe to them, but we also offer a few styles closer related to the original workwear apparel.


Here comes modern laser technology, slow and steady 

When aiming for this kind of apparel, we only work with manufacturers using the modern laser technology. And even though it could happen at a faster speed, we’re pleased to see how this eco-friendly technology is gaining ground in the fashion industry.

Modern laser technology allows us to design and create jeans with some faded effects without gambling with the health of our planet and the people manufacturing our clothes. The fashion industry is shifting to more sustainable, environmental-friendly means of business, and we’re delighted to see that these intelligent laser machines are being used to replace traditional denim finishing processes.

A list of laser advantages

Curious about how the laser technology works? Well, in short, it acts as a thermal source that eliminates the indigo dye of denim fabrics by sublimation, which means evaporating indigo from solid to gaseous form through heat. It might look a bit dramatic when the thermal source hits the denim, but there’s nothing dramatic about it. On the contrary, the list of benefits is long – here’s a few of the advantages of using modern laser technology:

  1. Use of laser reduces the consumption of energy and chemicals.
  2. The manufacturers work in a cleaner environment. 
  3. Laser appears to be much faster than conventional finishing processes, as it eliminates the need for multiple wash processes.
  4. It’s a great way to improve precision and lower error rates – even the most complex designs can be produced with a lot more accuracy.


The fashion industry is no angel. But slowly – with the newest knowledge, the newest technology and changing consumer behavior – it is trying to grow tiny wings.

At COZE AARHUS we are passionate about contributing while keep on doing what we do best: To provide women with classical long-lasting clothes with the potential of becoming wardrobe favorites.