What does the choice of fabric say about a brand? 


Where it all begins.
Behind every raw design and commercial goal lay a set of values and beliefs tied to the industry challenges that we feel obliged to comply with.

The choice of fabric says a lot about a brand as the fabric composition gives an indication of how committed a company is to the sustainability agenda. Organic cotton, recycled polyester and viscose EcoVero are just a few alternatives to the conventional raw materials a garment often consists of, with less damaging effects to both nature and workers working in cotton agriculture.


With today’s knowledge and focus on sustainability, the preferred choice should be a no-brainer. That is also why you will always find that it says organic cotton in the composition care-labels in our trousers whenever cotton is used.


Besides the choice of fabric, we have a huge focus on reduced consumption. Did you know that on a global scale we burn or bury the equivalent of full truck load of clothes every second? The biggest sinner is fast fashion and over-consumption. That is why we act upon and say that 70% of our styles must be relevant and durable for a minimum of 3 comparable seasons (summer or winter), which is setting the bar high in regards to design and quality. Our denim trousers are no exception.


We have reduced the number of rivets from the normal 6 to 2, zipper and fabric in the highest quality available with no additional added features. Furthermore, it is clean and comes in a light, medium and dark blue version to stay relevant for many years to come. 


The last consideration we take into account in the design phase is if we can design a product that does not need an industrial wash. However, denim is a fabric that needs to be washed to reach the desired color, hand-feel and shrinkage. From a company perspective, we only wash our products at OEKO-TEX certified laundries, which means that all our products are tested free from harmful chemicals. More on the laundry process in the following post(s).


One might think that the mentioned considerations are obvious choices to make. However, they are far from just that due to cost increases and added complexity from a brand perspective, whenever you go down the sustainable path.  


To sum up, our denim trouser consist primarily of organic cotton (88%) in the best possible quality to make it durable. It is washed at an OEKO-TEX certified laundry to avoid use of harmful chemicals and with a minimum of buttons, zippers and details to reduce components. In other words, what we believe is required to make it best-in-class.

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