We are proud to be part of Climate Alliance Aarhus

Aarhus City Council has set an ambitious goal of a CO2-neutral urban society by 2030. As part of this green vision, Climate Alliance Aarhus focus on the green transition in transport, recycling, food, buildings, waste separation and procurement.


Climate Alliance Aarhus facilitates two annual meetings. The meetings focus on strategic discussions that bring together companies across the public and private sector. Climate Alliance Aarhus started with some of the largest companies and organizations in Aarhus, but it has subsequently been found that SMEs are an important growth engine in Aarhus, which is why COZE AARHUS and four other SMEs were invited on board by the end of 2022.


At COZE AARHUS, we are passionate about conducting business with consideration and care. Something we have always done, something we are constantly developing and something we must do even more. We feel we have a lot on our minds and are therefore proud and happy to be able to be part of the work and to hopefully make a difference. In addition, we are learning a lot and get a lot of feedback networking with the other participating companies.