Signing of the Commitment Paper on Green Mobility

One of the first initiatives in the Climate Alliance was a focus on Green Mobility, as this focus has a major impact on the overall Co2 account. This led to the signing of the Commitment Paper.

Coze Aarhus signed this in January 2023 and thus commits to the following towards 2030:

To replace our passenger cars with 100% electric cars or other low-emission cars, including promoting CO2-reducing technologies, by 2030. In the cases where we use taxis, these will also run on 100% electric or low-emission fuel.


  • To support the transition to green modes of transport by ensuring the right infrastructure across our locations, such as charging options for electric cars or electric bicycles.
  • To support our employees to choose green modes of transport, e.g. through:
  • The use of sustainable mobility solutions, e.g. by increasing the incentive to use bicycles/electric bicycles, carpooling/shared cars or public transport.
  • Increase the number of charging stations in the company car park over time to accommodate more people choosing an electric car.
  • That these charging stations are placed in attractive places, e.g. near building entrances.
  • That newly constructed buildings, which will have adjacent parking spaces, have charging stations for electric cars installed from the start.
  • To support the work of the Green Mobility working group for the purpose of spreading charging stations in own car parks, which are publicly accessible after office hours, to actively promote and support the urban community’s transition to green modes of transport.
  • Promote green mobility solutions by sharing experiences and knowledge from other workplaces in our own organization.

In order to follow through, we have also committed to annual reporting in this area.