New challenges are waiting ahead

In the previous blog posts, we have covered parts of our company history and some of the discoveries we have made along the way. Discoveries that have led us to setting new goals – and achieving them.

The goals were always clear and easy to set, but hard to achieve, as we are never alone in the process. Our suppliers’ choices are also our choices, and when it comes to making our garments, we are in it with them. But we got there. And from the beginning of 2022 onwards, all cotton used in our products is organic, and all viscose used in our products comes from replanted forests.


Achieving ambitious goals makes us want more. The global conversation has taken a holistic approach, and we want to follow, being a company as a force for good. Therefore, the next step for us is applying for a B Corp certification latest in 2024. In preparation, we started measuring our CO2 emission, identifying our highest risks in our everyday work following the OECD’s guidelines and much more.


Why? Because years ago, we promised ourselves that whatever we do, it’s got to feel right.



To be continued…