LAURIE celebrates 5 years with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel 

At LAURIE, we are fully aware that everything produced in textiles has an impact on both the environment and people – and that nothing is 100% sustainable. 

That’s why we are extra happy to celebrate that it’s now been five years since we were able to introduce our first Swan-labelled jeans. 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the crown jewel of environmental certifications and at the same time the best way to more sustainable consumption and a desire to buy better. 

What’s unique about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is that it focuses on the entire journey and life cycle of a product.

The consumer can thus sit back and enjoy the magic of a pair of trousers with the most fantastic fit and the absolute smallest impact on the environment. 

Because it’s got to feel right.

Learn more at: The official ecolabel of the Nordic countries | Nordic Ecolabel (