From Design to finished product


The global challenges in the textile industry are centered around minimizing consumption and environmental impact throughout the supply chain. 
The challenge is comprehensive and still in its initial stages, as it not only requires a shift in behavior from brands and manufacturers, but also consumers.

The second part of the equation towards optimizing the industry is to implement standards for workers ensuring reasonable working hours and conditions. In other words –
In other words – disregarding manufacturers which do not work with social responsibility.
There are numerous standards and systems in place to document that a manufacturer works with this, such as amfori BSCI, SEDEX, SA8000 and GOTS.


In the following posts the journey of LAURIE’s DE599 and DE600 denim trousers will be presented with an end-to-end view, elaborating on the selections and deselections made in all stages as it starts out in the fabric mill, gets sewn at the manufacturer and washed in the laundry house – all happening in Turkey.


The posts aim to shed light on the complexities, choices and numerous processes involved in the becoming of what we strongly believe to be a best-in-class denim trouser.